A quick video of the cooler BIAB in action.

The video below shows just how easy it is to do a BIAB inside a cooler. No longer do you need to lift a heavy grain bag; just open the valve and let gravity work its magic. In this video I did a full volume mash (added my total water needed directly to the mash), then simply drained the runnings back into the kettle. It’s as simple as opening the valve, and letting the mash tun drain completely. This leaves behind equal to – or less than the amount of wort left behind with a “standard” cooler mash tun . In this cooler I use a 90* elbow for the pickup, allowing it to suck every last drop of wort out of the mash tun. The cooler BIAB saves you time on cleanup, eliminates the need for a vorlauf as well as the worry of a stuck sparge.


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    Prototype no more. The “Premium” bags are now available!

    Hi folks,

    The “premium” bag is now available for purchase! Featuring a ring of 1″ webbing around the opening, your choice of handles or tabs, and a velcro strap to secure the bag to your kettle – this bag makes your brew day that much easier, and helps to prolong the life of your bag.

    The new “premium” bag is available for pots, keggles, and cylindrical coolers. Order yours now for only $30.00 CAD!

    Premium Bag









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      New bag prototype!

      Good news! We just finished production on a new bag prototype and will be testing it over the next couple of weeks. The prototype bag retains the same shape as our current bags, however, it has webbing attached to the top edge with velcro on the end for fastening to your kettle. Take a look at the pictures below and if you like the design, click the Facebook like button underneath the pictures!


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        Welcome to BIAB Brewing!

        Custom BIAB PotBIAB Brewing is a source for quality, hand-made, custom sized BIAB bags. We offer bags to fit pots, kegs, coolers (rectangle, square, round), as well as Corny kegs (great for filtering when transferring after dry hopping).

        All BIAB bags are made from 100% polyester, while the handles/tabs are made from nylon webbing. Visit the shop to purchase a custom sized bag for your pot or cooler, or select a standard keggle size for your converted keg.

        Custom Cooler BIAB

        When placing an order, please include the required vessel measurements.
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